T.H.Y.R.O.I.D. as Thyroid, Hypertension, Yoga consultancy,
Rheumatic disorders, Infertility, Diabetes. !


In today’s era of growing technology we are heading towards progress and prosperity by advancement in the field of engineering. Huge multiplexes, electronic gizmos, flyovers have made our lives easy on one hand, but on the other hand, increasing pollution, global warming, bad diet habits have taken toll on the health of human beings.

Life has become more and more complicated. The unprecedented levels of stress in humans are causing to ample number of diseases & disorders in their life.

Scientists are continuously working to maintain the health of human being, in this changing scenario. But unfortunately the faulty habits of day to day life are also worsening. In such conditions if one is willing to stay healthy, he has to follow the healthy lifestyle along with healthy food.

On another side, the science which is meant to maintain body constitution will be very much helpful in such condition. Ayurveda is a natural science of life, which had correlated the body with the nature, stating the Loka-Purusha Samya Siddhant (Similarity between human and nature).

welcome Indigestion, obesity, heaviness, tiredness, skin problems fatigue, sleeplessness, infertility are the complaints commonly seen in today’s life of many people due to unhealthy life style. Only Ayurveda has the power to rejuvenate the cells, ultimately leading to curing of concern disorders, so It works on both symptomatic level and curative level as well.



The Ayurvedic T.H.Y.R.O.I.D   Clinic your destination for ayurvedic treatment for multiple diseases like Thyroid disease, hypertension & heart diseases, yoga, Rheumatic disorders, obesity, infertility, and Diabetes.

Before 10 yrs, Dr. Patil started this specialised  Ayurvedic clinic with pure ayurveda principals and medicines and now we are the world 1st Ayurvedic Thyroid Clinic. When they started their specialised practice the very 1st que they faced was very usual which we still hear from many people till now & that is “ Is there any cure for thyroid in Ayurveda or even where Thyroid is mentioned in Ayurveda ? “

Giving ans to all these que’s today here we are with solution to your thyroid problem with 9000+ happy patients.

In this journey of 10 yrs we have find best solution for thyroid where we are able to give complete cure to 60% of patient and remaining 40% are living healthy life but with supportive harmone and for them we are still working for perfect solutions.

Along with thyroid clinic for those who are not able to visit us we have also facilities of telly consulting and our very own products which are time tested 1st & they launched market with the Ayurgenics Ayurveda Pvt.Ltd.